Sustainable Industries

Sustainable Industries describes products and services that help companies manage - and profit from - environmental issues and challenges. Unlike other business issues, sustainability is being shaped by multiple external drivers including resource scarcity, rising energy costs, increasing regulatory oversight, environmental risk and shifting customer preferences. Though these drivers create new challenges for businesses, they also create new opportunities for companies to develop innovative solutions that can overcome these issues while generating profits and creating jobs.

Greater New Orleans, Inc. has launched the Sustainable Industries Initiative (SII) as a proactive approach to catalyze business activity within sustainable industries by leveraging the regional assets and natural characteristics that make the region an ideal place to build sustainable technologies, products and services. The goals of SII are to create new jobs, increase revenue and improve the sustainability of the region by:

Through global research into current and future corporate demands regarding sustainability, as well as analysis of the unique strengths of the Greater New Orleans region, 13 sustainable subsectors in which the region has the greatest opportunities have been identified. Those subsectors are:

Recognizing the opportunities that Louisiana presents to expanding companies focused on sustainability, Irvine-based venture capital firm SAIL Capital Partners recently launched a new venture capital fund to invest in clean technologies within the state. The new Louisiana Sustainability Fund (LSF) will invest in later stage growth companies with proven technologies, either in Louisiana or positioned to locate in Louisiana, that are making significant contributions to sustainable economic growth.

Key Regional Assets

In addition to these tangible benefits, the Greater New Orleans region has also become a regional brand associated with both energy production and resilience. This brand will be leveraged and expanded to include sustainability and to attract additional research, resources, support, and business activity within sustainable industry sectors.

Sustainable Activity Examples

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